Do you use the full potentials of #sustainability as exhibitor?

  • How can I plan and organize my Trade Fair appearance to be #sustainable?
  • Which CHALLANCEN® emerge?
  • Developing a strategy to be fit for the future

Become a #Sustainble Trade Fair Exhibitor and use the competitive advantage

Messe Performance


Who is involved and responsible?

  • How do I successfully lead a Trade Fair Team?
  • Are all the processes standardized?
  • Consulting & Coordinating & Motivating the entire Trade Fair Team

Make your Trade Fair success predictable and stress-free

Messe Lead Management


Do you use strategically the collected visitor data?

  • Do you know the possibilities and potentials?
  • How do you apply the added value due to the obtained data?
  • Developing a Lead Strategy & data collection process

Win leads due to speed, precision & focus and security

Messeauftritt Analyse


Is your Trade Fair appearance worthwhile?

  • Analysis: Awareness of your exhibition appearance and visitors’ perception
  • Which ‘screw’ should be optimized to achieve a Trade Fair Performance?
  • Developing a strategy for the ‘new world of Trade Fairs’ with #Digitalization #Sustainability

Successful Trade Fair participation and optimizing the ‚screws‘ for the future, so that the invest is worthwhile

* These packages can be adapted and extended according to your individual requirements and needs, for example overall consulting on Trade Fair Performance or Communication strategy or coaching of your Trade Fair Booth Team Performance ….

The Trade Fair world is very dynamic and continues to change. However, no matter whether you participate in an exhibition on-site or online, your focus always needs to be on:

Image - Visibility - Lead Generation - Professionalism

Your entire trade show presence needs to be professional for you to achieve a perfect Exhibition Performance and reach your goals. However, a professionally designed booth or a perfect online/digital presence alone is not sufficient for achieving an Exhibition Performance.

Being an exhibitor requires a lot of preparation and a clear management strategy in sales, and marketing, as well as communication before, during, and after the exhibition. I work jointly with stakeholders in all functions and provide comprehensive and competent advice and support throughout the entire process of ‘before – during – after’.

The Trade Fair world is very dynamic which is challenging for companies to keep up and to discover the potential of new developments – especially with topics like #sustainability and #digitization. I keep myself up-to-date and educated to share and apply my newest insights with my customers.


Understand the challenges and the opportunities of the new exhibition world and use the resulting Challancen® in your company. A lot can be achieved!


Do you want to improve your Exhibition Performance?

In the first briefing, we analyze your current setup as an exhibitor and look for all the potential for improving your Exhibition Performance.

Once we identified the areas for potential improvement, I advise and coach you exclusively and individually on the next steps. If needed, I’m happy to also support the exhibition team in the complete implementation process and work actively as a member of your exhibition team. In this role, I’ll coordinate your entire exhibition appearance with all internal and external stakeholders.

Together, we will identify which topics to work on and work out some standards which can be applied to any of your future exhibitions. So that our cooperation increases your Exhibition Performance in the long term.