Exhibitor Objectives Packages


04Are you investing large amounts of money for an upcoming participation at a leading international exhibition? Do you know, why you are exhibiting at this specific exhibition? What is your overall objective for this exclusive Marketing Event? Are you exhibiting at the exhibition, just because you have always been there historically?

Let me support you in getting some clarity on exhibition objectives and targets. Did you know that only if you have a clear defined objective will you actually be able to measure the ‚Return on Invest“ from your participation at the exhibition?

Exhibition objectives are the most vital component for successful exhibition participation. That is why HQuadrat Solution offers an exclusive EXHIBITOR OBJECTIVES PACKAGE. This is an extensive package, that will be designed according to your business needs and requirements, and includes:



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  • Brief questionnaire analyzing your goals and requirements.
  • First briefing on site of your business to assess the challenges you are having and providing customized solutions.
  • Intensive Workshop to assist you, to define your Exhibition Objectives.
  • Development of a professional strategy and concept on how to best implement the objectives, so that the results will be tracked and become visible.
  • Developing a Lead Management Strategy and Process to support the tracking of the objectives / results.
  • Training the exhibition team on the professional application of the Exhibition Lead Management process.
  • Consulting and defining together the role of a booth coordinator with the overall responsibility of the exhibition booth set up, management of the exhibition process and coordinating | monitoring the exhibition team.
  • On-Site Coaching of the team on professional exhibition behavior and standards to improve the overall customer lead generation.
  • On Site professional analyses at the exhibition, to monitor the immediate implications, overall outcome and the exhibitor objectives.

… participation at an exhibition is successful if you can measure your success based on your pre-defined objectives. Not only should the design and visual appearance of the exhibition booth be planned and implemented, but the Exhibition Objectives need to be followed and come to life with your exhibition booth team… only then is a business able to measure its success.

Participation Objectives are exciting, extensive and a critical component for exhibitors at an exhibition. Are you interested to find out more about the EXHIBITOR OBJECTIVES PACKAGE? Then contact me to get a complementary half an hour consultation.

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