News 2017

December 2017:
Season Greetings

As business owner I believe it is important to invest in Social Projects. Instead of presents I made a donation to UNICEF

November 2017:
Visiting SPS ipc Drives 2017 in Nuremberg

Full house – very valuable and high quality Exhibition, with plenty of businesses having a professional exhibition booth. Many companies designated within their booth an area for HR-Recruiting purposes and / or had someone from HR at the Exhibition booth.

November 2017:
Promotion of the Trade and Industry Bergstraße „Digitalization – New perspectives for businesses.”

Invitation - Workshops
Great opportunity to get a view behind the scene in the World of Digitalization for mid-sized businesses. The focus was especially on the potentials and opportunities as well as the importance for mid-sized businesses and that they should act TODAY to stay competitive before it is too late.

November 2017:
Dept. of Commerce– Rhine Neckar Networking Task Force Trade Fairs & Events

Invitation - Networking
This Task Force meets regularly, the goal is to work on optimizing the network and visibility of Trade Fair related experts in this Region in cooperation with the Dept. of Commerce.

November 2017:
Entrepreneur Network Lorsch ‚Behindertenhilfe Bergstraße gemeinnützige GmbH in Lorsch’

Invitation - Tour of the work shop
Guided Tour through the ‘Sheltered Workshop in Lorsch’. I was amazed and fascinated about the joy and pride as well as the diligence on how the work was being performed, as well as the large variety of jobs which are being performed.

November 2017:
Small & Medium sized businesses–Rhein-Neckar e.V. Tech – Talk „Virtual Reality – Trends und practical solutions for small and medium sized businesses

Invitation - Presentation
Digitalization – what is already possible and feasible today and what will the future look like. A very interesting and exciting perspective into the future. How can one apply effectively the digital possibilities today at exhibition and at the same time deliver added value.

October 2017:
"Perfect Live Communication and optimal Exhibition Performance."
Info-Workshop in Dresden together with Brose Communication GmbH

Info-Workshop in Dresden HQuadrat Solution
together with Brose Communication GmbH
In Dresden , my business partner "Brose communication GmbH" Mr. Andreas Braasch and I invited to an Information Workshop with a limited number of participants. The demand was high, so that we will repeat the Event in February 2018 at the same location. Thank you also to Dr.Wilhelm Zoergiebel and his Team for the great location and all the support during our preparation.

October 2017:
Greece HQuadrat Solution Strategic Project Phase II

Inspiring - Effective
Just stepped out and relocated the Orange Office to Greece, no problem! Using this opportunity and the space to develop new ideas and impulses for my Business and develop the 2018 Strategy. Extremely effective!

September 2017:
Invitation EMBL „European Melecular Biology Laboratory“ Heidelberg „Celebrating Cultures“


A room filled with woman who all gave so much positive energy coming from all parts of the world, scientists – lawyers, Business experts …. young and old came together to network. This was a very unique environment und very inspiring, a good opportunity to "see the bigger picture". Thank You.

September 2017:
Visiting POWTECH 2017 Nuremberg

Powtech Nürnberg

Exhibition Booth Staff: no addressing to visitors, no eye contact, were busy talking to colleagues, smart phone or computer...lots of potential for Exhibitors to improve their overall Exhibition Performance.

September 2017:
Visiting IAA 2017 Frankfurt


Many well-known international automobile industries were missing at the exhibition; there was lots of ‚space’ and little impulse. Somehow the overall industry spirit was missing this time....

September 2017:
Italy HQuadrat Solution Strategy Projekt Phase I

Creative - Inspiring  Refreshing
Time out for some creative thinking, new ideas and power to further develop my business in order to be able to continue to deliver added value to my customers. Just a simple change of Office-Location, new environment, away from day to day business and routine and off I went collecting new ideas....

August 2017:
“Summer Seminar 2017” Lufthansa Seeheim
Workshop “Authorize – Enable – Unite”

Lufthansa Sommerseminar 2017

Entertaining – Inspiring - Refreshing
The Vice President SWISS, Lars Ottmer gave an insight in his presentation on the expectation and future evolution, of what will be essential to continue to be successful in the future…
One quote from his presentation:
“The ability to quickly adapt and change is more important then forecasts, concepts and planning.”
And in the end Lufthansa closed of the event with a perfectly launched Summer Feeling.

July 2017:
Participation at the Economic Congress „Rheingauer Economic Forum RWF 2017“ in Wiesbaden - Germany
“Economy shapes Society”
Topic : “Innovation & Creation”

Rheingauer Wirtschaftsforum 2017 in Wiesbaden

Motivation – Creation - Innnovation
A fascinating and very inspiring event, with a substantial amount of positive energy and creativity due to a large variety of highly interesting people, it was just overwhelming. This Event was filled with motivation and encouraged one to reflect as well as to reconsider.

July 2017:
Holidays in Portugal
“Noite Branca in Guimaraes 2017”

Unique – Eventful - Cultural
“Just White Party” a small city is filled with charm for just one Night and EVERYONE takes part of it. All day long one could feel the excitement among the inhabitants (old and young) as they were busy decorating their houses with white PomPoms. Everyone was also setting up something in front of there home to sell self made drinks and snacks. The whole city seemed to be like a little ferry tale scenery. Also the people got dressed up all in white, woman were wearing floral wreath in their hair and men put on white hats. This one evening for sure was a unique experience!

June 2017:
Participation at the Economic Congress „Erwicon 2017“
in Erfurt-Germany, Topic – Changing Working Environment


Inspirations - Ideas - Networking
A look beyond the border, a look outside of the box... exciting presentations, interesting impulses

June 2017:
Visiting the „woman + work“ Fair & Congress Business-Event in Bonn

Woman & Work Bonn

Large well known corporations, for example the automotive industry Daimler, Audi... or the Chemical Industry BASF, Bayer..all were presenting themselves at small Exhibition booths (9-20 sqm) with the Human Resources Departments – Recruiting.

Those who have been at large International Trade Fairs and have seen how these industries represent their products and companies were rather disappointed at this event. There was no gloss or glamour; it was rather unemotional and in most cases the booths was not at all attractive for the visitors. It was very obvious which corporation was investing in recruiting and had a Marketing budget as well as a clear concept and those corporations who did not...

May 2017:
Visiting Techtextil & Texprocess Fair in Frankfurt Germany

Textprocess Messe in Frankfurt

The Faire took place in the Exhibition Halls 3 – 6, however at the Main entrance of the Trade Fair was a large sign offering a shuttle services to the Halls 4 – 6. The Hall number 3, which is the furthest away from the main entrance was just forgotten. As a result the bus drivers of the shuttle service were questioned each time in all languages and all accents if the bus would also go to Hall 3. A small mistake with a large impact...

May 2017:
Visiting ‚Maimarkt’ Mannheim, Germany

Maimarkt Mannheim

Chamber of Industry and Commerce Rhine-Neckar – task force for Exhibitions and Events is annually invited by the Mannheimer Ausstellungsgesellschaft to visit the Maimarkt Exhibition.

March 2017:
Visiting the International Dental Show IDS 2017 Fair in Cologne, Germany

IDS 2017 Köln

Security Checks are now also part of visiting an International Trade Fairs, but still not everywhere. I was rather impressed by the Trade Fair Cologne organization, for their Security Set up outside of the building.

March 2017:
Visiting the ISH 2017 Fair in Frankfurt, Germany

ISH 2017 Frankfurt

Some of the larger corporations are starting to designate some additional space of the exhibition Booth for ‚ Social Engagements as part of the corporate image.

January 2017:
Annual kick-off Event of the German Female Business Owner Association e.V. in Frankfurt/M. Germany

Anja Förster und Heike HartzCopyright: Julia Imhoff

Presentation of Anja Förster -Förster & Kreuz GmbH- Business-Contrarian and Bestseller Author.

Inspiring presentation of her new book titled ‚NEIN’ – (NO) afterwards I had the opportunity for very informative and personal conversation with Anja Förster. Again she inspired me with her creative thinking and curiosity.