News 2018

December 2018:
Season Greetings  

As business owner I believe it is important to show social responsibility. Again this year I made a donation to UNICEF instead of presents. The donation is specifically for vaccination of children, being a mother of two almost adult girls I know all to well the importance of protection.

November 2018:
SPS ipc Drives 2018 in Nuremberg | Visiting the Trade Fair  

I personally find this Trade Fair always worth a visit. Especially if one is as curios and open minded as me. At this Trade Fair almost every Booth is in ‘Digital motion’. One gets the opportunity to see and experience first hand the new, digital innovations. A lot of digital creativity is applied, which enables the visitor to experience the product ‘live’, it is fascinating.

November 2018:
Trade Association Bensheim | Business Get-Together | InTec GmbH  

Impressive - Inspiring - Innovative
I am always surprised and impressed by the interesting and innovative Businesses in the immediate neighborhood. Almost daily do I pass by these companies, mostly not knowing what they do and what product they sell. That’s also what happened when the company InTec GmbH invited to a networking business even . One part of there business, is the development and production of a ‘Logistic Robot’ for the company Bito GmbH. The name of the Robot is ‘Leo’ , I already got a chance to experience ‘Leo’ live at a Trade Fair some time ago and had no idea that ‘Leo’ is produced in Bensheim…

November 2018:
Braubeviale 2018 in Nuremberg | Visiting the Trade Fair  

Some Trade Fair Floor space was not sold and the Trade Fair Organization used the opportunity to install sitting and recharging areas, great! I wish one would find these Sitting-Relaxing-Recharging Areas much more frequently at Trade Fairs. As a visitor of Trade Fairs one usually needs to be lucky to find any kind of sitting area. One is always happy when stepping onto a booth of a company if they offer an opportunity to sit down. If you are frequently a visitor of Trade Fairs, you know what I mean…

November 2018:
Medica Compamed 2018 in Duesseldorf | Visiting the Trade Fair 

I registered and purchased online an entrance ticket for the Trade Fair. The digital process seemed very advanced, it even was possible to transfer the ticket on to an App and I did not have to physically print out the admissions ticket, great!. Once I arrived at the Trade Fair with my App and Registration code I wanted to pass the entrance, however in order to do so I received a print out ticket on paper! It is very common at Trade Fairs to insert the Paper ticket into a plastic pocket on a ‘’Marketing ribbon’, so that I could hang the Trade Fair Entrance Ticket around my neck… why? What is the benefit for me to walk through the Trade Fair Halls having the Ticket hanging around my neck like a necklace? Somehow I have not completely understood the advantage of purchasing online a Digital Entrance ticket.

November 2018:
Dept. of Commerce- Rhine Neckar Networking Task Force Trade Fairs & Events 

Interchange - Networking
Twice a year a small team of Trade Fair & Events experts from the region get together with the objective to exchange knowledge, expertise and to network. The idea is to identify a concept on how to gain awareness of other businesses, on what type of expertise is all available within the region.

October 2018:
Visiting MOTEK 2018 in Stuttgart 

I visited the Trade Fair on the opening day and there were comparative few visitors. And at the booth I noticed frequently that the staff was having team meetings, so that they did not pay attention to the few visitors. As a result I could identify at this Trade Fair a high potential for the topic of ‘Exhibition Performance’! New Trade Fair technologies and trend topics, for example virtual and augmented reality; Led-Screen or Mutli-Touch Screens were rather exceptional.

October 2018:
News | HQuadrat Solution 

Development - Movement - Activity
Some of the initiatives and developments from my “Italy |Time Out” period are now live and visible. Updates were made on the HQuadrat Solution Hompage , also my LinkedIn Profile has been updated, including a new Profile Picture of myself. In the meantime my Network on experts and Cooperation-Partners has been growing, more later. At the same time I have been working on the second Orange Office Report for 2018, if you would like more information on the Orange Office Report please check out the section on the Homepage.

September 2018:
Visiting FachPack 2018 in Nuremberg 

It was the first time for me to visit this Trade Fair. One of the biggest astonishments was the limited awareness of sustainability, especially as it is currently such a big topic in the media on how to control plastic waste. I had expected somewhat more innovation. However, at the same time one could find some smaller, innovative companies who are trying to approach the market with alternative solutions.

September 2018:
Visiting AMB 2018 in Stuttgart 

This was truly a very powerful Trade Fair, all Exhibition Halls in Stuttgart were filled up with Exhibitors and even early in the morning all the Visitors Parking was already ‘occupied’. As a result there was a lot of ‘Movement & Action’ in the Exhibition Halls and at times the Booths were over crowded due to the large number of visitors. A great idea from the Stuttgart Trade Fair Organisation! Retro-Bikes were positioned on the lamppost on your walk-way from the Stuttgart Airport Terminal to the Trade Fair Entrance, each with individual Marketing messages from exhibitors. This for sure was a real eye-catcher and a ‚Show-Stopper', as everyone walking by automatically looked at the bikes and the advertisement.

August 2018:
Italy HQuadrat Solution “Time Out” 

Refreshing - Creative - Inspiring
Every morning I started my day with a freshly pressed Orange Juice and by having a great view of the Ocean. This was the most inspiring and energizing way for me to use my “HQuadart Solution | Time out”.

August 2018:
Trade Association Bensheim | Business Get-Together | Christoffel-Blindenmission Deutschland e.V. 

A brief presentation on CBM e.V. gave a good insight on some of the current global activities and the positive impact the Aid Organization has for the people in a specific country. Afterwards we had Guided Tour through the new Administrative CBMHeadquarter in Bensheim. During the tour we got a first hand feeling and demonstration on all the aspects which had to be taken into account, in order to make the entire building and workplace acceptable for people with all different kinds of disabilities.

Two key aspects I found really impressive:
1.How a very small amount of financial aid can have such a life quality impact on an individual in another part of the world.
2. How the new Headquarter in Bensheim is really suitable for people with all types of disabilities, the amount of details everywhere you go are just amazing.

July 2018:
Lufthansa Summer Seminar Seeheim “Heritage meets Future” 

Lufthansa Corporate Marketing Director | Nicole Mies presented the ‘Lufthansa Re-Branding ‘ Project. The topic and focus was on the importance and meaning of the Lufthansa colors blue and yellow. At the same time she shared with us the challenges and opportunities, which companies face due to Digitalization. One example she mentioned is the compatibility of the typeface and logo in the Digital format. The entire Lufthansa Re-Branding process will take approximately 7 years until all airplanes are equipped with the new design as well as all the other thousand of small articles which are branded for example the napkins.

July 2018:
Summer Break


Energy - Power - Ideas
For the first time I managed to really step out of my “Orange Office” and was not using my smart phone, laptop, ….during the holidays. I used this special period to recharge my batteries, as well as to be inspired and gather new ideas. During this process ‘Orange‘ sun umbrellas surrounded me, what a nice coincidence.

June 2018:
Live Facebook interview with Visual Selling GbR on the topic of ‚Exhibition Performance’

Facebook Live-Visualisierung

Copyright Visual Selling GbR

Inspiring - Powerful
A totally new experience, I was being interviewed about my business HSquared Solution and Saski Sauerteig did a ‘live visualization’ of the interview. The drawing picture is the outcome. Thank you Visual Selling GbR and Miriam Hamel, as well as Saskisa Sauerteig for the live Interview and the great opportunity.

June 2018:
Visiting ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt

Achema 2018 Frankfurt

Exhibitors are becoming very innovative by applying ‘Digitalization’ at their Booth. Here is my personal observation, many employees do not understand or cannot follow the transition to this new Digital World. The booth staff does not feel really comfortable with the new ‘stuff’ and changes, as a result the overall innovative booth concept and image is not in alignment.

May 2018:
Participation at the Economic Congress „Rheingauer Economic Forum RWF 2018” in Kronberg/Ts. Germany | Economy shapes Society”
Topic “Opportunity and riks of Digitalization”  

Rheingauer Wirtschaftsforum 2018

International - Inspiring - Interesting
Networking is something very common in the American culture and can be extremely powerful.

Thank you to Dagmar Doering of Dialogum GmbH for the invite to another very inspiring event.
The conversations and discussions among the participants on our responsibility of dealing wit the ‘Digitalization’, gave me a lot of additional insights and inspiration on all the potentials and watch outs we have to deal with.
Fact | We cannot stop this global process!

May 2018:
Trip to the United States | New Jersey & New York 

Alumni Event New Jersey

Networking - Powerful - Impulse
Networking is something very common in the American culture and can be extremely powerful.

At an Alumni Event in the U.S., Teachers, Professor, Employees and Students of all years of graduation meet up once a year. These Alumni Events from High School, College or Companies is a live time bond. This is the basis for all friendships as well as key Economic and Political movements. This is the true power and potential of Networking.

Fortunately I am part of such a Network and went to my 30th High School Reunion!

May 2018:
Visiting IFAT 2018 in Munich

IFAT Messe in München Eingang

This is an Exhibition where almost every single booth has the potential for improving their overall “Exhibitor Performance”. Many times an overall Visitor Management and general process seems to be missing. As a result companies are ‘giving away’ a lot of potential business. Exhibition visitors supply a lot a very valuable information -Lead Management- if they are being collected and analyzed afterwards….

May 2018:
Enterpreneur Network Lorsch | ‚Fillauer Veranstaltungstechnik’

It’s always fascinating to find out at such Networking events, which other experts and businesses are actually in your immediate neighborhood. My advise, if you need an expert, always look first local, as the perfect solution might be next door…

April 2018:
ANALYTICA 2018 in Munich

Eingangsbereich Analytica 2018

‘Full House’ at the Trade Fair, plenty of visitors, many high quality conversations at the Booth. LiveLab was one of the highlights ,which gave Live Insights into Daily Life in the Laboratory. As a result, the companies had the opportunity to present their solution, product within the ‘real’ environment.

March 2018:
“Asia Pacific Maritim” APM 2018 in Singapore

International - Observation - Interesting
I was welcomed to a very different type of Trade Fair at the Marina Sands Building in Singapore. Visiting the exhibition was only possible through pre-Online-Registration, no tickets were sold on sight, as a result no unexpected visitors. This is just one of many of my observations, which for sure I will talk more about in one of my upcoming ‘Orange Office Reports’.

March 2018:
LOGIMAT 2018 in Stuttgart

This was a ‘Full-House’ Trade Fair, even finding Parking was a challenge. The overall feedback from the Exhibitors and the Visitors : Breakthroug –Innovative – Energetic – Dynamic…

February 2018:
Event 2.0 ‘Perfect Live-Communication and optimal Exhibition Performance' Info-Workshop in Dresden together with Brose Communication

Info-Workshop Dresden

2.0 Info-Workshop in Dresden HQuadrat Solution together with Brose Communication GmbH
As promised at our event in the Fall 2017, we returned to the beautiful, but this time rather cold city of Dresden in the end of February 2018. Together with my business partner Andreas Braasch, from Brose Communication GmbH we again welcomed a limited amount of interested persons coming from a variety of different industries. At the event, they received from us a large portion of knowledge on Trade Fair Performance and on Booth Building. Our objective, every business should be successful when participating as Exhibitor at a Trade Fairs. Thank you again to Andreas Braasch for the great cooperation and team work.

January 2018:
‘Orange Office Lorsch – Viernheim’

Unique - Inspiring - Refreshing
Just a small, personal insight into my ‘Orange Office’ in Lorsch and in Viernheim, Germany. That’s where I am keeping busy and create my ‘Orange Office Reports’ as well as a lot more unique topics….